Tucson Chinese School Regulations

Tucson Chinese School — By-Laws

Article I

Name, Purpose, Location

Section 1. Name.

The name of this school shall be the Tucson Chinese School (hereafter, the School).


Section 2. Purpose.

The School is operated under the auspices, and is an integral part of the Tucson Chinese Association (hereafter, TCA), a non-profit organization, to teach Chinese and promote Chinese cultural heritage among the Chinese American community and the community at large.  As an entity therefore, the TCA by-laws shall prevail should there be discrepancies.


Section 3. Location.

The School is currently located at the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center. The School may be relocated within the greater Tucson area, upon approval of the TCA to better serve its needs.


Article II

School Year and Class Hours

Section 1. School Year.

The School shall generally follow the semester systems of the local public school districts.

Section 2. Class Hours.

Classes are to be held on Sunday afternoons except those weekends when major holidays are observed.

Section 3. Changes.

The School and class hours may be changed to better suit the needs of the students, upon approval of the governing body of the School.


Article III


Section 1. Students.

The School is open to anyone who is interested in studying the Chinese language, culture and history.  The number of students accepted is subject to the availability and limitation of the School’s resources and facilities.


Article IV

Governing Body

Section 1. Governing Body.

The Tucson Chinese School Board is the governing body of the School (here after, the School Board).


Section 2. Duties.

The School Board is charged, in accordance with the by-laws of the School (this document), with overseeing the following:

  1. policy matters pertaining to the operation of the School,
  2. nomination of officers of the School,
  3. appropriation of compensation of school officers and the teaching staff,
  4. removal of school officers, shall such action be necessary, and
  5. prepare and submit operating budget for TCA review and approval per school year.


Section 3. Board members.

The School Board shall consist of seven or more members nominated by a School Board member. The Chairperson is elected by majority of the votes from the School Board.


Section 4. Term.

The School Board member shall commit to serve a minimum of one year (School Year), and shall continue to serve if reappointed by the School Board.


Section 5. Compensation.

The School Board members shall not receive any compensation for their services.


Article V


Section 1.  Officers.

The School Officers shall consist of the Principal, Vice Principal.  The School Board shall submit nominees for Principal to TCA Board of Directors for approval.  The principal shall submit nominees for Vice Principal to the School Board for approval.


Section 2. Term.

The School officer shall serve a term of one year.  An officer is subject to reappointment after serving each full term.  The School officers may be removed by the School Board with approval of TCA Board of Directors anytime during his/her term at the discretion of the School Board, shall such action be necessary.


Section 3. Compensation.

All officers shall be compensated for their services at a rate determined by the School Board.


Section 4. Vacancies.

In the event that the School officer is unable to serve a year, the School Board shall appoint a substitute for each vacant officer to serve out the remainder of the current school year.


Section 5. Duties.

Section 5a. Principal.

The Principal is the chief executive officer of the School.  The Principal is responsible for all affairs of the School, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. hiring teachers, substitute teachers and teacher’s aides
  2. selecting and providing text books and other teaching materials
  3. setting school calendar for each school year at the end of each school year
  4. class assignments of teachers and students
  5. representing the School in its contacts with other organizations
  6. timely report to the School Board on matters of importance
  7. quarterly written status report to the School Board.
  8. Evaluate each teacher at end of school year


Section 5b. Vice Principal.

The Vice Principal shall assist the Principal in all aspects of the School operations and shall resume full responsibilities in the absence of the Principal.


Article VI

Accounting Records

All collection and disbursement of funds shall be handled by TCA accountant. TCA representatives shall be present during school days to handle such transactions as needed.

The School Accounting records are maintained by TCA accountant and shall make available to the Board.

Financial Statements shall be provided to the Board monthly.


Article VII


Section 1. Curriculum Committee.

The Curriculum Committee shall consist of the School Board, the Principal, Vice Principal, teaching staff and interested parents.  It is headed by one of the members from the School Committee and charged with the responsibility of advising the Principal in selecting and providing teaching materials.


Section 2. Planning Committee.

The Planning Committee shall consist of the School Board, the Principal, Vice Principal, and interested members of the teaching staff.  The Planning Committee is headed by the Chairperson of the School Committee and charged with the responsibility of planning school activities and assigning responsibilities to other members of the planning committee.


Article VIII

Dissolution Clause

Section 1. Dissolution.

In the case of dissolution of the School, all assets and funds owned by the School at the time of dissolution shall be returned to the TCA.


Article IX



Section 1. Amendments.

Any amendments and/or changes of these By-laws shall be submitted before the School Board.  Amendments may be adopted by the majority of the board members’ vote and approved by the TCA Board of Directors.

Revised on June 2006


TCS dress code

Students and staff in all classes are prohibited from wearing:

1. Clothing and accessories that promote alcohol, tobacco, or drug usage or which display weapons or violence and which cause or are likely to cause a disruption within the school environment.

2. Clothing and accessories that contain vulgar, derogatory or suggestive diagrams, pictures, slogans or words that may be interpreted as racially, religiously, ethnically, or sexually offensive and which cause or are likely to cause a disruption within the school environment.

3. Clothing symbolic of gangs or disruptive groups associated with threatening behavior, harassment or discrimination and which cause or are likely to cause a disruption within the school environment.

4. Dog collars, chains, wallet chains, safety pins, spike jewelry or fishhooks worn as jewelry, accessories or ornamentation.

5. Tube tops, mesh tops, sheer tops, or bare midriff tops. Display of cleavage is not permitted. Tops may not expose more than two inches of the midriff, and clothing must cover undergarments at all times.

6. Sagging pants, pants worn low on the hip so as to reveal underwear or skin.

7. Dresses, skirts, shorts, culottes, and skirts that are shorter than the extended tip of the longest finger with arms hanging naturally at the sides.

8. Shoes must be worn at all times.

If any student or staff is found breaking the above rules, s/he will be requested to wear T-shirt/pants provided by the school, s/he will be required to have those items washed and return the TCS the next school day. Parents of the student will be notified.


Tucson Chinese School Student Regulations

1. Students are required to be at school on time. Simplified Chinese language classes are from 1:30pm to 3:00pm; Traditional Chinese and Cantonese language classes are from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.

2. In case of absence for classes, students are required to inform and get permission from their teachers in advance.

3. Students are required to take all quizzes and tests. In case of absence for tests, students must inform the principal or their teachers. School will arrange a different time for the students to make up their tests.

4. Students are required to finish their homework in time. If there are questions on homework, students can contact their teachers for help.

5. During recess, students are neither allowed to make loud noise or run around in the building nor allowed to play computer games in the library.

6. After classes, students are expected to help their teachers to return the classroom tables and chairs to their original positions and keep the room tidy.

7. Students are expected to participate all school-wide activities such as Chinese New Year celebration, Speech Contest, opening and closing ceremony etc..



1. 学生必須準時到校上課。簡體字語言課上課時間為1:30-3:00 p.m.,文化班為3:00-4:00  p.m.,繁體字、廣東話語言課上課時間為 4:00-5:30 p.m.。

2. 告假:学生若有要事需要請假,请提前用电子邮件或电话通知教師。

3. 考试: 学生必须在学校独立完成考试,如有要事不能参加,请聯絡校長或教師,学校将另行安排时间。

4. 作业: 学生需在教師规定时间内完成作业,如有疑问,请聯絡教師。

5. 课间休息時間,請不要在华人文化中心馆内大声喧哗和奔跑,亦不能在图书馆的电脑上玩游戏。

6. 下課后请帮住老師将課室還原,保持教室清潔。



Tucson Chinese School  (TCS) Teachers Regulations

1. TCS teachers are required to be on time for starting and ending classes. Simplified Chinese language classes are between 1:30pm – 3:00pm, culture classes are between 3:00pm – 4:00pm and Traditional Chinese and Cantonese classes are between 4:00pm – 5:30pm. Teachers must sign in and out for every class.

2. Business-leave must be planed two weeks in advance to allow the principal enough time to arrange substitute. One business leave per teacher per semester is permitted. Sick-leave is exempt from this regulation, but teachers please inform the principal as early as possible.

3. TCS teachers are required to attend every teacher-meeting. Absentee must get permission from the principal and later ask the principal for information on the meeting.

4. TCS teachers are required to submit syllabi and tests to the principal on scheduled dates. Communications with parents must be in Chinese and English if the students’ first language is non-Chinese.

5. During class recess teachers are required to keep the students in the classroom.

6. After class teachers are required to direct the students to return the classroom tables and chairs to their original positions.

7. TCS teachers must attend all school-wide events such as Chinese New Year celebration, speech contest, opening and closing ceremony etc.. All teachers are required to keep their students in order during these events. If teachers are unavailable for the events, please inform the principal in advance.

8. TCS teachers are required to create a proper learning environment in the classroom before starting to teach. In case of difficulties in doing so due to students’ classroom behaviors, the teachers can contact the principal or the parents. Communications with the parents must be in English and Chinese if the students’ first language is non-Chinese.


1. 老師必須準時上、下課。語文班上課時間為1:300-3:00 p.m. 文化班為3:00-4:00pm, 老師每次必須親自簽到、簽走。

2.告假:老師若有要事需要請假,必須於兩星期前通知校長,以便安排代課。唯每學期不得請假超過一次。病假亦應盡早通知校長,早退亦當 告假論。

3. 每學期的教職員會議,所有老師必須出席。缺席者須事先向校長告假,並負責查



5. 在休息時間內,請教師盡量留在課室,管理學生秩序。

6. 下課后老師必須指導學生把課室還原。

7.學校舉辦的各項大型活動,如新年聯歡會、縯講比賽、開學及結業典禮,所有老師必須出席,以協助管理學生,缺席,亦需按告假手續辦 理。

8. 上課時必須按“先管後教”之原則,若遇到有行為問題的學生,可聯絡校長或其家長