End of the Year 2021 Campaign Donor List

President’s Letter

Happy New Year, everyone!

Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and peaceful year in 2022! I hope the Year of the Tiger will bring us good luck and the pandemic will end soon so we can reunite with families and friends, and be able to travel and enjoy our lives.

The 2021 year-end fundraising campaign launched by Tucson Chinese Association was a great success. We received over 110 donations for a total of over $130,000. On behalf of TCA, I would like to say, “Thank you very much” to each of the donors who participated this campaign. I am so proud of you all and very grateful to those who supported and helped the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center, a place we call “home” with passion and love.

Below is the donation list for the 2021 year-end fundraising campaign which will be posted and acknowledged in the “End of the Year 2021 Campaign Donor List” on the TCCC website. Going forward, we will recognize people who donate to TCCC every year on our website, as well as all volunteers. I believe that, together, we can overcome any difficulties and serve our community for many years to come.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to you all. Happy New Year!

Tina Liao

TCA President

End of the Year 2021

Campaign Donor List


The Leung Family


John & Jihong Kai / Kai Foundation


Brent and Neri Sandweiss

Up to $5,000

Anna Don

Newton Don

Zhiguo Huang & Guohong Duan

Shibin Jiang & Tao Luo

In Memory of Vincent C. Lam, Ph.D. / Ms. Amelia Lam

Tina Liao & Jinshan Tang

Lizhen Pang & Grover Swartzlander

Richard Fe and Nancy Tom

Up to $1,000

Robin Blackwood & Steve Wilson

Jojo Pan Chan & Thomas Hum Jr

Peter & Susan Chan

Haiguang Chen

Fang Fang & Steve Fang

Marcia & Otto Fest

Hui Du & Huichun Zhu

Junshan Hao & Xinghui Zheng

Dr. Teh-li Huo & Dr. Amy Song

Dr. Ken Kwoh “The Kwoh Family Charitable Fund”

Doris and David Lam

Allen & Gloria Lew

Ginger Shao & Xubin Zeng

Richard Shrieve & Yvonne Don

Ken Song MD

Jill Jordan-Spitz & Tom Spitz

Dr. Chia-Lin Pao Tao

Linda Tom

Dr. Theodore Tong

Up to $500.00

Joel Allen

Corey Barton

Dr. Jay Chen & Yvonne So

Yahong Wang-Colton

Dr. Howard Eng

John & Sally Fung

Leroy Hing

Law Offices of Jennifer Huang

Dr. Weimin Hu & Dr. Shahin Amanat

YuanYuan Huang

Steve & Sharon Huie

Naiwei Jin & Ming Sun

Fangru Lian & Wendi Cai

Shirley Y Liao

Nobu Lines

Jonathan Ma

Marum & Associates Engineering LLC

Tao Peng & Jie Zong

Jie Pu & Laiyong Mu

Ilse Swihart

Jing Su

Shi Tang

Clara Tien

Phoenix Press/Lily Wang

Andrew Wilt & Yan Ma

Barry Wong

Guihong Xu & Ellen Zhu

Lili Yuan

Zhenyu Zhang

Mingfei Zhao & Lichao Feng

Charles Y Zheng & Yun Mou

Up to $200.00

Yvette Darby

Helen and Lenny Don

Perry & Rosie Don

Alex V Diulgher

Hui Fang & Taiping Tang

FR Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine LLC / Doris He

Connie Gee

James & Rita Gee

Ken & Sharon Gee

William Gee

Stephen Graham

Carol Hohman

Moon Hom

Jiakang Huang & Jirong Ding

Yiding Huang

Deborah Jassem

Caryn Jung & David Frank

In Memory of Carol Lim , L A Lim

Jun Dynasty

Penny Lee

Nery & Ming Lee

Ning Qu & Jack Lee

Vera Lee

Li Li

Nicholas Li

Haiying Liu

Mark Shill & Tina Liu

Jing Liu

Carl & Bonnie Lo

Jeffrey Loewenheim

Richard Martinez


Margery & Roger Pease

R.J. and R.C. Russell

Dr. Li & Justin Schmidt

Van Slawson

Raymond Som

Dr. Nicolas & Dr. Camilla Strausfeld

John Sugar

Yan Suo

Sue Tham

Jackson Veneklasen

Jean Wang

Peiyi Wang

Brandon & Lisa Wong

Baike Xi

Yan Xu & John Lauer

Joanna Yip & Cholik Chan

Xu Yue. & Miao Li

Claire Zhang, Ph D.

Yong Zhang

NOTE: Please accept our apologies if there is any errors on the list.

Please email us at info@tucsonchinese.org with corrections.