Letter from the President 2021

November 22, 2021

An open letter to the members and supporters of TCCC:

As the year almost comes to an end and we head into the holidays, we are getting ready for the celebrations. The hot season finally has passed and we are now in Tucson’s best season: cool and comfortable. It’s also the perfect time to get together with families and friends. Herein I wish you and your family very happy holidays, health and peace!

As you all know, for the health and well-being of our members TCCC has been closed since March of 2019 and today we are happy to say, “WE ARE BACK OPEN!” Some of our programs have started to resume and more are coming:

  1. Tucson Chinese School started the fall semester with classes in person, and about 110 students come to school on Sunday to learn Chinese language and culture.
  2. Our seniors are slowly returning to our Senior Program on Thursdays with in-person exercise classes like Taiji and Majiang. In addition, we continue to offer Zoom classes.
  3. Our Lion Dance Team and Chinese School students were invited to participate in “Tucson Meet Yourself” in October.
  4. The Red Thread Family (families adopted children from China) had their Autumn Moon celebration at TCCC.
  5. The Local Chinese History Committee has been busy collecting and sharing local Chinese histories with the community in large and will give a presentation on “Southern Arizona Heritage & Center” on November 18th.
  6. We are also slowly receiving rental inquiries for the first quarter of 2022 for special events.

In 2022, we will kick off Chinese New Year with two events. We will host a “Year of the Tiger” celebration for the community on Saturday, February 5 2022 from 10AM-2PM. Our second event will be a “Year of the Tiger” gala at the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center with a traditional 8-course Chinese menu, performances and a silent auction on February 12 2022 from 6PM-10PM (seating will be limited). More information to follow…

In 2022, we will resume collecting membership fees. In addition, we will continue to fundraise for our Center. Our fundraising efforts become even more important in times like these. Thought Covid-19 turned our lives upside down and challenged us all, it also has revealed reserves of generosity, resilience and strength for which I am very grateful. I do appreciate your support in helping the TCCC go through this difficult time in last two year.

Since the pandemic is not over and the center can’t be open fully, we are unable to gain enough income from rental and activities. At the same time, we need to continue to maintain the building with minimum upkeep such as landscape services, utility fees, cable fee, security system fee, water bill, accounting services, liability insurance, fire insurance, etc. Also, we still have payroll for all the teachers and employees who are continuing our programs via thru Zoom and in person.

I am asking for your help and financial support between now and the end of the year. Your support will help sustain and ensure the center will continue to thrive and serve our community. Especially, we are facing quite a lot of uncertainty from the recovery of the pandemic. We want to be able to deliver programs and resume activities at the center for many years to come.

I invite you to be part of the 2021-2022 capital fundraising campaigns. Our goal is to collect $60,000 to cover some repairing and basic expenses of the center. Any amounts of donations are welcome, and all donors will be recognized in the “Honor Roll of Donation” in the TCCC website. We need 20 contributions of $1000; 40 contributions of $500; and 100 contributions $200 to reach our goal.

For those who donate $200 and up by 12/31/2021, your names will be recognized in the Honor Roll posted at the TCCC main entrance in the first week of 2022. Together, we can support the center and help its important programs pull through this very challenging period.

Tucson Chinese Association is a 501c3 Non profit organization. You donation is tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

You can go online to donate online or mail a check to:


1288 W. River Road

Tucson, Arizona 85704

Again, Thank You very much for your support and stay well.


Tina Y Liao

TCA President


转眼又到岁末年终之际,各种节日将接踵而至,欢庆的气氛渐浓。漫长的酷暑已经结束,我们进入了图森最好 的季节,气温舒爽宜人,这也是我们与家人和朋友团聚并共度美好时光的最佳时机。在此,祝您及您的家人:节日快乐 、健康平安!

众所周知,图森华人文化中心由于新冠疫情和大家的安全考量,自 2019 年 3 月起一直关闭。现在,我们终于高 兴地宣布“我们回来了!” 从今年的 8月下旬开始,文化中心以及一些相关活动也逐渐在恢复:

1. 中文学校从今年秋季开始面对面上课,目前有约 110 名学生在每个星期天前来学习中文语言和文化课。

2. 每周四的老人协会活动也已经开始恢复,如太极、打麻将等,其他的线上课程也在持续。

3. 舞狮队和中文学校的学生们在今年 10 月应邀参加了今年的 Tucson Meet Yourself 的大型社区活动。

4. 红丝带家庭(在中国领养孩子的家庭)于今年 10 月在文化中心举办了庆中秋活动。

  1. 华人历史研究会一直在致力于整理和宣传本地华人历史,今年 11 月 18 日将参加在本市“Southern Arizona Heritage and Visitor Center”举行的活动并进行有关本地华人历史的讲座。
  2. 文化中心的出租业务方面,我们也开始收到一些关于明年第一季度的租赁咨询。

2022 年,我们将以两个庆祝活动拉开中国新年的序幕。首先是 2022 年 2 月5 日星期六上午 10 点至下午 2 点,面 向社区举办的大型”虎年”庆祝活动;第二个活动是在华人文化中心举行”虎年”募捐餐宴晚会,时间为 2022 年 2 月12 日傍 晚 6 点至 10 点(座位有限)。席间将有八道传统美味的中式菜肴、文艺表演及无声拍卖。具体信息敬请关注……
2022 年,我们将恢复向会员收取会员费。此外,我们将继续为华人文化中心筹募资金。在这为时两年多的艰难 岁月里,筹款募集资金对我们尤其重要。虽然疫情让大家的生活乱了方寸,但是它也让我也看到了慷慨、坚强和力量之 所在,对于大家在过去两年里给予文化中心的鼎力相助,我感激并感恩于心!

由于疫情仍然没有完全结束,文化中心还不能全面开放,我们无法通过出租和举办活动而获得足够的资金来维 修养护文化中心,因为我们仍然需要继续以最少的花费来维持包括庭院的绿植维护、电费、水费、网线费、安保系统费 、会计服务、责任保险、火灾保险等方面的需求。此外,我们还需要为中文学校的教师和文化中心的员工发放工资,因 为他们,我们才得以维系线上及面对面的课程,以及其他活动的展开。

从现在到年底,我恳请大家的帮助,希望大家能一如既往地予以支持。这些资金将有助于维持和确保文化中心 的继续发展,并为我们的社区提供服务。特别是,目前我们正面临着从新冠疫情中逐渐恢复中的诸多不确定因素,希望 在不久的将来,文化中心的各种活动和项目将得以全面恢复并永久持续下去。

在此,我诚挚地邀请您加入我们的 2021-2022 年的筹款募捐活动。此次的筹款目标为 6 万美元,用于文化中心的 必要修缮及其基本开销。捐款无论多少,所有捐款人都会在文化中心网站上的“捐款荣誉榜”获列名表扬。我们需要 20 人捐款$1000、40 人捐款$500、100 人捐款$200,便可达成目标。

对于在 2021 年 12 月 31 日以前捐款 200 美元以上的支持者,我们将在 2022 年的第一个星期内,在“捐款荣誉榜” 上进行特别表彰,荣誉榜将展示在文化中心的主要入口处。让我们团结一心,共同来支持和帮忙华人文化中心度过这个 艰难时期。

您可以在网上捐款:www.tucsonchinese.org ;也可以把支票邮寄到文化中心:TCCC
1288 W. River Road Tucson, Arizona 85704

Tina Y. Liao/ 廖莹