Tucson Chinese School Student Council

Student Council consists of a group of students from the Tucson Chinese School who meet several times a semester. The purpose of Student Council is to provide a platform for students to work together, making friends, practicing leadership skills and raising funds for student council. Common activities include but not limited to bake sale, holiday parties, yearbook and DVD production. All students are welcome to join the student council.


Student Council 2011-2012:

President: Linda Wu

Vice president: Luna Ruiz

Treasurer: Amy Wang

Advisors: Hong Lei; Susan Chan


Student Council 2008-2009 :

Advisor: Margaret Louie


Student Council 2006-2007:

President:  Nolan

Vice President:  Mira

Treasurer:  Henry

Secretary:  Nicolina

Advisors:Angel Au; Mai Tang; Rose Veneklasen


For more information about joining Tucson Chinese School and Student Council please contact:

Hong Lei — Principal  — hleiaz@hotmail.com