Tucson Chinese Cultural Center

TCC_sample_imageSituated at La Cañada Dr. and River Road, the 15,000-square-foot Chinese Cultural Center serves the social and cultural needs of the 5,000 Chinese residents living in Pima County. The contemporary structure honors Chinese tradition with symbolic design elements, such as circular moon gates and the use of the color red. The center’s main hallway displays quarterly rotating exhibits and items depicting the history of Tucson’s Chinese Americans.

03029_TCC_Images5Tucson Chinese Association, a non-profit organization, is proud of our 15,600 square foot building surrounded by a meditation garden, a covered basketball/volleyball court, an outdoor patio, playgrounds and gardening areas. The primary building offers amenities such as: lobby/recreation area, multi-purpose room, library/conference room, flexible classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, and commercial Chinese kitchen for catering and cooking classes.

The main entry feature, a 27-foot high tower with a zinc finish, represents the bow of the ship.  This “ship” landing in the desert, symbolizes the migration, challenges, commitment, opportunities and successes of a community that worked hard to create success for future generations. The facade also contains a brick wall with large circular windows, making a reference to the ship and to moon gates, which are traditional entrances to Chinese architecture.03029_TCC_Images7