Mission Statement

TCCC Mission Statement

The Tucson Chinese Cultural Center (TCCC), a non-profit cultural and educational institution, is dedicated to deepening the understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture in the global and local communities. The mission of the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center is to conduct training programs and events to promote Chinese language and culture; introduce the best of Chinese culture to America and vice versa. TCCC fulfills its mission by offering professional classes, workshops, and performances while nurturing creative and innovative new works through its residency program that reflects the rich cultural heritages and diverse communities of today.

TCA Mission Statement

The Tucson Chinese Association is a nonprofit (501C3) corporation that promotes, sponsors, and educates the community relating to the Chinese culture and heritage via activities and the Tucson Chinese School throughout the year. The Tucson Chinese Association is governed by 25 board members who serve a 3 year term and uphold our bylaws.